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Hello tout le monde,

Je vais devoir faire cet article an anglais car la fondation est asiatique et je pense qu'ils seraient contents que cela soit fait de la sorte.

Thus, Humaneity Foundation is a small association which helps currently a small village in Cambodia.

There is there few places where it is really difficult to survive even over the food.

Education, housing and healthcare are the master focuses of this association.

To give you an example they have just finished building a school:




It is really interesting to know how the history is broadcasted for the long run, but instead of copy and pasting, I let you have a look on the website.

Next Sunday a running cession of 5 km walking to 10 km running for the better runners, is organized in Singapore thanks to the owner of the restaurant Incontro.

It is starting really early but I might do it because it is good sometimes to make important thing for the others instead of selfish partying all over the nights.

Of course you already know that I will only walk for the 5kms but it might be interesting to see how people will do.

I will update you soon with some better pictures.

I know the people who will read the article might not be able to participate but if you want you can still go on this website to give a bit of you money to this poor children who deserve it more than the new iPad..



- Votre pigiste -

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